Diamond fidelity?

How do you hit diamond fidelity every week? Is it only possible to hit it every other week if you’re only do LP?

You need to do all of the first lottery every day, 22 silver/DNA tickets (wed/thurs) and all of the vip tickets every day. That you’ll get it every Sunday without a DB buyout.


Thanks thats very helpful

If you check the game everyday after the code 19’s refresh between when the prize drop refreshes (this is between 4pm and 5am PST) you get credit for one additional bronze ticket amount on the slider. So if you do this you only need to purchase 20 silver tickets instead of 22. On Sunday (depending on when you play and buy tickets) it will look like you have come up short by one ticket but then after 4pm PST it will click over due to the additional progress the game gives you just for logging in.

But you have to do this everyday otherwise you will come up short.


Great thanks SionSith, thats quite helpful. Last week was my first week going for diamond fidelity and honestly all of the prize drops I got from the LP tickets made it worth it, so I want to start doing it every week

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