Diamond options in dates

Hey! I’m super new to this, and am running low on diamonds, so I was saving a few for Jamie. The option is in the first option! And the other one is to leave! Is there only one paid option per date? Is it safe to use it here? Or will I actually lose out on the date if I pick the non paid option?

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I did this with Seth (I guess Jamie’s counter).
I personally chose the bottom, since I’ve been using my gems for someone else. It ends the “date” segment but he won’t hate you.
So my suggestion is if you really like Jamie, do it. If not, it won’t be awful.

Edit: And yeah, there seems to be one premium option per date, at least in my experience.

Honestly, I am not sure if there is already a thread about this, but I have been in search of a thread about diamonds for dates because I recently did my first date with Sheng and went into it unprepared, I guess. I didn’t know that there would be diamond use and so I just played until I got to the diamond part and realized I don’t have enough. So I left the game in hopes that it would glitch out in some type of favoured way and it acted like I didn’t begin the date at all luckily. But now I have the option to go on a date with Min-Jae (I think that’s his name— Liam Park’s counterpart) and I don’t want to miss out on anything. Like, is there always only 1 diamond option or could there be more than one? And how much would I need to save? ><

Yeah, there’s always one diamond option per date and they’re each around 120 diamonds.

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Thank you sm :pray: