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Diamond prize drop?

I was just wondering if I can get to the diamond prize drop by only buying the far-right prize drop. If I cant do you know what else I would need to get? I am just hesitant to buy stuff with bucks and DNA since I’m low on both

You need to do the silver ones when it is DNA and the bronze tickets all week and log in frequently

ok. It say 3 days and 16 hours left. did I miss some of them? I did my first today


nice info! I now know that I wont reach diamond this week so I might as well not spend uneccesary recources to try to get there

You could easily get gold, so you might want to do that? You will just need to start over on Monday for the next week.

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Oh. yeah ill def go for gold. Im just saying im not gonna spend the 200 dna on the silver one since the rewards arent really worth it and im saving my dna