Dice roll rewards

Can we please keep all three items? Is that too much to ask? After the grind to be able to clear 9 rooms, you have to pick just one item? From the whole damn dungeon? Really?

We want rewards ! The price to upgrade those rewards is redonculous. Give us a break please.


Yup, but it’s like all things just grind away:

I finally rolled a 12 for 10 rare axes and the game never even gave them to me.

The game should really be combining similar items when you get lucky enough to get mounds of gold like that. If those rolls came from Sharpstone Keep I’m impressed.

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@Irilacnek Yeah, it would be so cool to keep three or two rewards but I do think it would be too much asking for it, so maybe we could suggest if only same kinds of rewards can be taken together. I.e. gold or gems :slight_smile: