Dice rolls as of lately

I really don’t like to cry wolf but in the last few days I have this nagging feeling that there were stealth nerfs to dice rolls, or I’m the unluckiest person ever.

Today during this 2h free event I managed to run 15 full d20 runs in the Mines. Of those 15 runs I haven’t got even one 12 or 20 roll (and I didn’t pay attention to it, but I don’t remember seeing 6s either, but that could be stretching it). And it’s not only the problem with this free run, but I usually run 20 or so runs of Keep and at čeast 5 or so runs of Mines every day, it all depending on gold rolls in dungeons. However in the last 3 days, at least, I don’t remember rolling any of the epics. Where before it was if not regular occurrence then it happened often enough to be noticeable.

Anyone else having this feeling, or it’s just bad luck?

I think it’s just bad luck. I ran the free event today 5-6 times and got a 12, for instance.

I got in 10 runs and I had one 20, one 12, and a couple 6s. I think you just had bad luck.

Some math:
odds of a 12 or a 20 per run is 17.5%
odds you did not get 12/20 is 1-0.175 = 82.5%
odds of not getting a 12/20 15 times in a row 0.825^15= 0.0558 or 5.58%
You rolled a nat 1.

If you’re curious chances of a 6/12/20 is %42.22.

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I’m just gonna continue my rant. and if you want to run your math feel free. I did further 6 runs of Mines today, and for these ones I’ve taken screenshots of all rolls at the end. And in all six there was not even once that I got 6,12 or 20. Sorry, I’m currently too furious to accept that this is randomness, I’m actually more certain that there is something fishy going behind the curtains. So 21 runs without once getting 12 or 20… Yeah, this way I’m gonna quickly end my subscription and never come back to this game.

I logged into game I got notification for 2H free event but no 2H free event talk about bad luck at least you boys and girls got the free event.

Hey @MentalCase, are you by any chance playing on iOS? If your app is running in the background, please try to force close it in order to see events!

I’m on iOS. Is that seriously what we have to do? That’s ridiculous! I was playing all day yesterday (on and off every 15 minutes or so), and I never saw anything about a 2 hour event. I could have been playing the event for free, but it never showed up for me.

So you’re telling me that I have to force close my app every hour or so, on the off chance that they might be doing a special 2 hour event? Smh

@Ami I work during the night time so my day light hours are on and off sleeping as I do not get a consistent sleep of at least 6 hours but only 2 hours at most so I wake up to play warriors of waterdeep , yesterday my time had been spent turning on and off my devices when I do happened to be sleepy so in total my device would been on at least 10 times that includes logging into app to play still no 2H free event, I am not complaining for not seeing the event however I was just making a point to other players that not happy with there outcome and just be happy the opportunity was there for them to participate even though I had been left out, there is always hiccups with this game and nothing gets done about it I have given up asking developers to rectify issues my time is better spent elsewhere.
Thank you @Ami for taking the time out of your day or night to respond to my comment much appreciated :+1:

Screenshot taken at 10:42 on the


iOS as well, didn’t see the event either.

All day I havent won a single initiative roll in PVP. Law of averages says that shouldn’t happen. 25 matches not one time going first.

Same here. Ran at least 20 with d20 rolls. No gold and no rolls over 10 on d12 or d20. Not bad luck at all. Love the game but to much grinding for no gold

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I have had a few runs of less than 10 for the d20 roll. Seems to come in waves, which makes sense statistically. If you play long enough you’ll get a rash of 20 rolls

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