Dice rolls

In the last two days alone I have done 15 event challenges all but two gaining all three dice, not one time did I roll over a 12 on any of the dice. My six sided is usually 3 or lower, my twelve seems to be either a 6 or a 3 and my 20 hasn’t told over a 9 but one time (12). This is a little ridiculous… RNG on the boxes is one thing, but the dice should be a standard random dice algorithm like a dice app not this crap that is currently happening.

All RNG games are brutal. I went maybe a couple of months without a 20, then 2 in a row.

True RNG Is actually quite hard to do in software, never that random and there’s often a pattern.

Still annoying as hell I agree.

We’re also assuming that rolling a 20 has a 1 in 20 chance. I don’t actually think that is the case and its weighted to lower numbers.
We would need to take a note of all the rolls to see the odds.

I mean come on…