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Did a few attempts in the arena, lemme predict

The same old joke is gonna repeat. Send out the kid to take 4k off each time. While the opponents plan smart to carefully allocate his health boosts, you just need to boost that kid and take 4k guaranteed damage every time. Smart move ludia. Glad to see we soon be rolling back to this issue again😂


I had two opponents use DC swap in to take one of mine out tonight. I think they forgot their old boost was gone. Swapped in and left me with HP. Both were slower too! Took them both out.

I let the timer run riiiiight down before I killed them.

I’m up to 16 battles today, not a single draco so far. Very odd

Wow that is odd. I had about 20 matches this morning and the rat was in at least 80% of them.

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I had one and one shot it with my damage boosted Gorgosuchus and then one shot their next dino.

I’ve battled people with it on their team, guess it wasn’t picked for the match. I’ll take it. Lol

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My Indo facetanked a Erlidominus cloaked ramage today without dodging and got me the game point. Feelsgoodman.