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Did a miss always make a hit sound?

Whenever I miss it makes a hit sound

Was it always like this? I thought it used to make a swish sort of sound


I never use sound it annoys me. Pointless response I know but I am bored

@Turbotarry can you please explain this in greater detail?

Hi Jon,

Similarly, since the update either the graphic sequence for hits is occurring on many misses, or many hits are being recorded as misses. On many occasions now I have no idea if I am hitting my enemy or missing.

When a character hits a monster or other player it makes a particular hit sound. My memory was that when it missed it made a “swish” sound - that is there was a specific sound for a miss. I am hearing a hit sound then it says that it was a miss

I word record it but that’s beyond my technical capabilities so hopefully ‘swish’ is useful :wink:

Unless I was having an unlucky run also seems to be a lot of misses recently so may well be some of what Orloch describes going


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I can assure you all that before this update, if a character misses you’ll hear a “swish” or “swoosh” sound, or whatever sound is associated with it.
But with this new update, If a character is supposed to miss their target, both the sound of a successful hit will be played BUT the attack is registered as a miss. Obviously one that is visually impaired will not recognize whether the hit registered at all, and those that look away for that brief moment will “think” the hit registered but in reality the character missed.

Dunno if this is intentional but there are some effects that proc even if the hit missed. Usually weapons that give positive effects like death ward, AC/ATK buffs will give their appropriate buffs regardless of whether the hit registered or not. I feel like this is the only justification for such a sound cue error.

Yah by proc of Eg death ward makes a seperate bell/gong sound so no justification for miss to sound like a hit