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Did all the Mammoth gone?

I didn’t see any Mammoth in the wild since last Friday, did they gone from the wild forever? or last week was just a Mammoth event that i didn’t noticed?

I didn‘t see one too.

It’s still here. Just luck to find it.

They have made it very difficult to track down. I’ve only seen one in the wild.

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I have found 4 since Friday…so they are still here for now

Here’s one near my house right now.

I haven’t seen a single one.

After more than a week of patiently waiting and traveling some 200 plus kilometers in search of one i have finally given up on hope of ever finding one. i mean whats the point after traveling all that distance and not finding a single one not one ! Ludia advertised they were a global spawn for 1 week but like where i ask you where ?? as far as i am concerned i was ripped off because i fully expected to find one as advertised but in a whole week not one and that is total garbage in my book !!
And yes i have tried so many of the different scents its crazy, small, large, rare, epic, even some of the specialized ones trying to attract a wooly mammoth but all to no avail… honestly i give up on hope of ever finding one at all ! :rage: :rage:

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I thought they were only available for a day, since I haven’t seen one since Wednesday, but today I saw 3 within 2 hours and managed to dart 2 of them

We don’t know the exact duration but its certainly more than a day.

I have seen none in the wild at all…I’ve travelled up to 20 miles looking and numerous scent 2 of which, epic scents, cost me good money and it was a waste of real cash using them…grrrrrrrrrr. :frowning:

They are just too rare. They nerfed spawns with 1.11 again and epic spawns are even more rare as they were. Had luck though that I found some Mammoths, but its just about luck.

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Since past 2 days I didn’t used any scents (especially Epic scents) though I spent time hunting and didn’t found any mammoth in those past 2 days.

Though before that I found them a lot with scents mostly and now have few thousand of DNA for it.

To me seems like since Saturday the mamoth spawns are nerfed (or at-least for my account) :frowning:

In my case I managed to see 2, both on the weekend after many, many hours of play. Many members of my alliance could not see any, some could see one, two or three and I think only one saw 4. In other alliances they have more “luck”. Some have got enough elephant to create it, raise it to 15, create the legendary and evolve the legendary many levels … I guess they live in better areas, dedicate more than 24 hours a day to hunt or spend hundreds of euros a day in aromas.It is a bit frustrating and another reason for some users to leave the game. I prefer to think that they play in another league.

I found 4 on 3 separate days, yesterday being the last one. All were around green areas

I found one. It was in a shared sanctuary.

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Saw one on Friday. Really hope they’re not gone yet because I’m planning on running an epic scent or 2 this week…

Found one 15 min ago. The mammoths are stil in the game

Good to know, just hope they will still be about after the week end!

They had better still b around so all of us have a chance to get it…cuz I still havent seen any at all and I wasted alot of money on scents and didnt find any