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Did alliance rewards change as they were supposed to?

Or did anyone get punished for opening the incubators too early again? I asked my alliance members and got mixed answers. I think they may be confused about the change is for the rewards we are working towards and not the rewards that they collected in the incubators.

It changed… sadly

Mine changed. Maybe if I contact support they’ll switch mine to the old ones.

I thought you work all week for the dinos. Now that this is a new week, we should be working all week for the new dinos… not get the new dinos for the work you put in last week?

I think I’m understanding you correctly. The new rewards ( postometrodon and Monolophosaurus) will be in the incubators you collect next Monday. Those are the Dino’s we should be working all week to collect. I believe some of members are thinking they should have been in the incubators they just collected ( we worked all last week for) and that’s what’s getting me confused.

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Correct… well, that’s my understanding anyway. You just explained it better… you work all week then get rewarded. The new dinos (Post and Mono) will be rewarded for the amount of work put in this week.