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Did any character come back today?

Hellow everyone!

As far as I have been playing I heard that they update the game every tuesday and thursday. Last Tuesday if I’m not wrong, Skylar was back but today I haven’t seen any character back. Probably I didn’t match with him/her.

Does anyone if a character came back today?


I think Skylar has returned twice over the past week. But I’ve not seen anyone else reappear today.

We had Rose back for a day last week so maybe she’ll get a second coming too?

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I only have Skylar and Dahlia active. I was delaying Dahlia simply because of the lack of female characters

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Thank you!!! Maybe is Rose again :o Since I have been delaying her chat to get more content probably I didn’t notice it ^^

Same with the female character! Probably she made the comeback as Karina said and we probably didn’t notice >_<

Skylar came back Tuesday, Rose came back today. Same as last week!


Thank you!! ^___^ :heart:

Now skylar is gone so time to focus on Rose :stuck_out_tongue:

Yep. Rose/Dahlia came back today.

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And she’s gone. AGAIN

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Had a whole weekend though. I knew she would end up leaving as soon as she mentioned he job offer.

Every character ends up leaving at the last minute and going somewhere that apparently has no phone reception or Internet :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:.