Did any one find the damage boost tower today?

Well I have travelled the entire city today twice and still not able to find it. Dunno if it’s just me or everyone?

Same here, I had to drive from the southern point of my city to the northern place. Ugh.

So did u find one?

I found one, do they are definitely on the map

Well gonna go out and try again

Just came back. Had to go to places where I generally would not. Found one in an dry lake literally :joy:

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The ratio of mine was 2/20. 2 out of 20 that I could find. Weird??

I found all three yesterday. All within 2 miles of each other.

You were very lucky to have got it in 2 miles

found all 3 yesterday: 2 inside my circle at work. the last i was driven half the city and when near home i found it and stopped to get it.

i was about to think there was a mistake and we could get only 2… :scream:

but nothing compared to 3 packs of 50 boosts plus 3 packs of 25 in weekend. :japanese_goblin:

I found all 3 yesterday too. One was in the radius of my house, the next was a short walk as I was going to the chemist anyway and it was outside that, then the other was a short detour as I made my way back home. Nice and easy like it should be. No idea why they spawn them so sparsely in some areas.