Did any1 complete the blue strike event yesterday?

Its still available today too but just wondered what people got from it. Also has a new blue stike event appeared for you if you completed it yesterday. Sometimes those who do it early get another 1 to hit while those who havent don’t

The usual! I don’t even pay attention anymore!


~200 Irritator and ~250Gorgo, then some Tarbo and Allo

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Is there another for you to complete today?

Just a single attempt and the gold tower is all I see

A single common? Im just checking because in past when one of have done the 5 step and other hasnt the one completed got another strike event to hit but the who hadnt completed the first 1 didnt get a chance

I complete each and every strike tower since it started…not for the dna but primarily for the coins. When dinos start to require 100K coins (or more) to level up, every single coin helps.

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100k. Shoot I wish. Try 250k

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I completed a 3 or 5 step Saturday and am seeing a new 7 step blue tower today.

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That’s normal , it’s the new week like it was planned :blush:

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I heading there. My indorap needs 120K & my stego needs 100K now.

We need more apatos even at dush they are rare nowadays lol

For the 7 steps tower final incubator, I got a decent amount of velo dna, abt 2700+. Another small step to unlocking the indoraptor :slight_smile: