Did anyone else get the wrong alliance rewards for this week

I have gotten the wrong Dino’s for this week. I got the Dino’s we are supposed to get this week but I did not get postimetrodon or Darwin. Had this happened to anyone else


Happened to me as well.

If I received what I was supposed to receive next Monday, and not what I had to receive today, I hope they solve it.

Same so now I can’t upgrade and get tryonix that I needed for this week it’s so weird

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I had the same issue. Very annoyed by it because I really needed the darwinopterus dna


Yep same here. I got all this weeks alliance reward. I really needed that Darwin. I’m not happy!!!

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Myself and numerous members of my alliance reported getting this which is supposed to start this week as a reward to work towards :man_facepalming:


Ok, now Ludia is messing with us on purpose. This is insane! I could’ve unlocked tryostronix with that postimetrodon

@Ned do you know if this is being looked at? We got given the wrong weekly rewards

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I thought I was gonna be able to work on tryo without wasting any more dime. @Ned, can u fix this. Of course it wont fix for us cuz we already opened it.

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Yeeeep wrong ones too

I’ll keep the Dilo. But I sure would like that Posti I was expecting.

Informed our team, thanks, everyone!


Yeah definitely wrong

I’m not gonna lie, but whether they are this weeks or next weeks, either way they are crap so :man_shrugging:

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Yep, wrong one. (I was devastated when Darwin didn’t appear… :sob:)

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Yes! Me too.

Yup, same for me. Was looking forward to several pieces of DNA and got this weeks instead of last weeks.

I hope we get compensated and receive the full amount of what we are owed… and sorry we got this weeks, but that’s an added bonus for it being messed up. :slight_smile:


Yeah, I was really disappointing, I really needed that Darwin DNA

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