Did anyone else?

Did any of you guys play jurrassic park builder before this game came out? I did.

I did! For sure. Loved that game.

Me too. But I did not play it as long as I’m playing this game now.

Yep. I enjoyed it immensely.

I used to play it and , to be honest, I enjoyed it. In fact , I am still sad about deleting it. It was one of my favourite games as a little child and I have built a very beautiful park. Also, I had a lot enthusiasm about anything I unlocked . Good times :disappointed:…

Although JPB is underdeveloped compared to JWTG it has some features that I miss. For example , it had more “natural” decorations , compared with JWTG where every decoration has human intervention . JWTG is more an amusement park and less a real park . In addition , JPB has visitors cars crossing the park, giving the sensation that the park is alive . I don’t like JWTG desolate roads and the general absence of any visitors. It is like having a dead park. Last but no least, JPB has brachiosaurus, Carcharodontosaurus and other famous creatures that JWTG for some weird reason doesn’t have .

Of course JWTG has a ton of benefits compared to JPB, but at these three sectors JPB is superior.


What they made much better in JPB as they did in JWTG was their Code 19 solution for only carnivores…I don’t remember if they called it Code 19.
All these timers over your park and the reward was bigger for each timer the later you stopped it.
That was fantastic.


Agree, this code 19 was more exciting and also more worthwhile.


I think it was called a code red.hqdefault good times


I still do. When i get the chance, that is.