Did anyone find a Blue Strike Event Tower?


Based on the details n the Strike Events FAQs, it appears there are more than one Strike Events already live. eg:- Daybreak/Nightfall, white/blue colored towers.

I tried searching all the Strike Event towers around my area and the only one I could find was the white tower with 3 fights. Did anyone of you get to battle 2 different towers?


I’ve only seen the white/common one. Went all round town today and that was all i saw. Maybe the others come when this one times out tomorrow?


Same here. I am more curious because the News/Announcements mention Daybreak/Nightfall specifically which makes it appear like the towers during day/night would be different.
Some other posts seemed to mention that the blue tower contain 5 fights which are more difficult than the white tower.


Probably is they are both the same with regards to playability. Once you’ve done one you can’t then play the other.


I was able to do whatever strike twice in one day. Of course they were hours apart.


It appears you completed one before the rollback and then it got reset. So you could play it again. I am assuming the Arena background would be different if the events are different.