Did anyone get any rewards from the tournament?


I may not be in he top 500 but it says I should get a reward when?

When will we receive the tournament reward?
Tournament rewards

Not yet… This week sometime

Do we get reset first? Or can we continue in battles


I don’t know :joy::face_with_monocle::thinking: (20 characters)


I was wondering the same. Got to 4k triphies. Hopefully it registered that cuz i startet to play right after the tournamet was over. And now im back in 3.9k trophies

Took a photo as a proof tho x)


Same for me. I wasn’t as smart though and I didn’t take a photo…Hopefully I still get it.


Still no loot?


I have not receive any reward from the mail, and I am over 4000 trophies by the time the tournament ended.


The mass rewards given at the 3500 reset took a couple days. This would probably take just as long if not a little longer because different people are getting different rewards …
Hopefully by the weekend but that’s just my guess ??


I am asking this because I am afraid if I drop down 4000 trophies now it would affect my tournament price.


Hey night, our team is still reviewing the data from the tournament, and the results are calculated based off of the tournament’s end date. We will be sure to announce when the rewards will be ready to go out so be sure to keep checking back.


Coming to your concern, you should be good to go ahead and battle and not worry about loosing trophies.

The rank at the end of the tournament Sep 17, 10am EDT would be considered.


Thanks @Ned
Busy week for guys, much appreciated though,


Thank you for your reply.


Thank you for your reply as well.


I’m still waiting for my reward. I was over 4000 trophies too.:blush:


I haven’t gotten my incubator and was just wondering if anyone got it with the patch.


nothing here for now


Nope I have not


Negatory good buddy!


Just wondering if anyone’s got a reward yet cause I haven’t . They said up to a few days or something just wondering if any has been handed out yet?