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Did anyone new show up today? Edit: Franz Jorgensen and his FEMALE counterpart) edit 2 They are Non-binary

I was expecting Blake/Keanu and really looking forward to the hiking date but I just opened the ap and no ones back.

Did they release a new character or am I just incredibly impatient?

I guess I have to wait until next week for Blake.

They did. I was able to match with Franz Jorgensen. Not sure who their counterpart is.

Edit because I didn’t realize Franz is non-binary. My apologies

It’s Ingrid who I’m waiting for

Ingrid? Never seen her.

I havent yet either she’s most likely VIP at the moment

I don’t think she’s VIP. If they’re VIP, they usually have a little icon that says hot with a timer on it, but when I saw her, there was no timer, but I could be wrong :man_shrugging:

I have someone on the countdown timer I passed on Franz so who knows

The AI ladies are back today and they are VIP only right now.

I hope the new female characters have a male counterpart too. It looks like all the new males are going to.

I have noticed that the new women are all buff as hell though. Ingrid is bigger than Franz. Not that its a bad thing!

She was released when Franz story came online.

Badass viking chick!

I already have Ruby and a vip character countdown so it’s different for different people

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Cool, she sounds hot.

This is Ingrid



I’ve definitely not seen her to swipe on yet. But she looks cool!

I just swiped her still VIP

I tried to swipe Ingrid the other day. She’s VIP right now. So hopefully in a couple of days she’ll be available. The AI girls came back and I couldn’t care less. I just went through with it because it was someone to talk to

They are fun!

They are interesting, that’s for sure :laughing:

Still hunting for Ingrid I think she might be going through VIP twice on me

I’ve seen her cycle through twice and not VIP so I’m not sure what’s going on :frowning:

Last time I saw Ingrid was on Sunday