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Did anyone reach the last step of "defense" on Alliance mission?


Did anyone finish the last step (number 5) on defense which required to your team to do 2000 battle,open 2000 incubators,get 100 incubator “daily rewards” of your team…
I think my team actually is really good and it seem impossible!
We finished exploration mission at 4/7 day and the defense mission look too hard.
I am alone in this case?


No, we didn’t.


Which level did you reach??
We were halfway of lvl5


We were 5/4


We got this close


If it wasn’t for the tournament and alot of our alliance camping to hold rank before it ended we wouldve completed it


We were pretty much just as close. The end of the tournament definitely didn’t help. Did anyone confirm if friendlies counted towards Defense Training? I never got a clear answer on that.


Friendlies within alliance count as two battles.


wow,gg i didnt think anyone did it


same,i would like to know.


Good to know! Our alliance does friendlies a lot so hopefully that will help us get to 5 next time.


We friendly battled like crazy over the weekend. :smiley:

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We got it to level 5 last night at about 5:30. 100 Concavenator never tasted so sweet. Think the bar is a bit too high. No one cares right now but when it gets swiched to a different DNA reward it could become a big discussion topic.


Are you sure?


Rank5 incubator has 4000 battle mission instead of 2000. Rank4 has 2000. 4000 is too much to ask for. If you do the maths you’ll get to know how much time it required. I guess 5-6 hours of battle per alliance member.


damn,i think you are right.
Sorry ,i have made a mistake !


We got within 300 battles and only 16 incubators of finishing. If we wouldn’t have been camping to preserve rank for the tournament we wouldve finished it. It’s not impossible. Just have to be dedicated.


I’m sure apex finished it


Only needed 267 battles and 16 incus. Will definitely get there next time without a doubt as long as a tournament is not going on


…We did, at 5:30 last night. Not a reasonable number for most alliances to reach though. If you are in an alliance with 35 members or something like that, no chance.