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Did anyone reach the last step of "defense" on Alliance mission?

That’s true but then again…That’s incentive for them to grow to be a bigger and better alliance. Casual players/alliances shouldn’t be entitled to the best rewards. It should be a challenge lol

That’s too close. I’ve not said it’s impossible, I said it’s time consuming. My alliance demotivated with defence reward nonetheless we’ve got rank 4 incubator.

@Pirate Yep. FAQ: Alliance Missions Coin/Cash/DNA Amounts and Tasks/Rewards Info

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Thanks for the info. I didn’t know that.

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The alliance I am in got to to level 4 defense with 3 days to go. For an extra 100 concav dna it is not worth the effort to do that many battles. Exploration is easy for any active alliance with enough members.

Make the concav irritator then there would be some incentive.


We haven’t managed it last 2 attempts but for conc i don’t think many of ours are to botherd

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We have a full alliance and couldn’t do it last week. Some of the group battle an insane amount too. The requirements are high and hope it balances out going forth. The rewards aren’t desirable so that plays a role even though I’m sure there are plans for concavenator coming soon.

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We don’t go further than 4 either. For now I don’t really care cause who needs another 100 of conca… though when they change conca or give her a super hybrid it might be another story :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

4,000 battles (after 2,000 for rank 4)?! That’s beyond dedicated. Most of us truly can’t battle 12+ hours non-stop every day.

My alliance is very active, we finished everything else without difficulty. But I think if only 1 or 2 out of 9,000+ alliances reached Defense rank 5 that should tell Ludia something.

I sure hope we’ll have a more realistic requirement before we get more desirable rewards.


I really like the sinoceratops dna right now also got to rank 4 here. Sinoceratops dna is all I want right now lol. I can never find it in the wild.