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Did changing my sim cost me must account?

I have a quick question. I recently cancelled my SIM card and just activated my new one with the same number. Opened up my titans uprising app and found it restarted at the beginning but I didn’t disconnect from my Facebook login yet there is no trace of my account. I’ve found that I was previously able to reconnect to it with the same Facebook login before but I can’t now. So my question is did deactivating my SIM card and getting a new one completely delete my account? If there is any chance I can get the account back I would be grateful

Hey Nightfury2, I don’t believe that would reset your account. :thinking:

Are you logged into the same Facebook account on your new device? Also, depending on your previous device, you might have been linked to Google Play instead.

However, if you reach out to our support team here at, our team would be able to take a closer look. If you have the support key from your previous account, please make sure to include it in the email.


Ok, thanks for responding. I’ve sent an email to the support team explaining the situation. Unfortunately I couldn’t remember the support key so ended up having to add the latest support key the app gave me