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Did Diorajasaur got buffed..?

I am still thinking about Diorajasaur by comparing it with Trykosaurus…I don’t think Dio really got a good buff… ferocious strike and instant distraction is fine but what about the damage…it is way far less than that of Trykosaurus.

It’s critical chance is also very less, no swap in ferocity as well.

It got buffed, yesss, but not really a worthy one I guess, Dio can neither depend on attacks nor on it’s counter attacks…

What do you guys think…?

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  • Diorajasaur
  • Diorajasaur’s attributes and moveset are revamped to be more of a coherent, meta-relevant Unique creature.
  • Diorajasaur has Precise Shattering Counter Attacks. Removed Swap Ability. No need for Pinning Strike: it has Tuojiangosaurus’ Superiority Strike instead. Special Abilities become Instant Distraction, Ferocious Strike and Instant Invincibility.
  • Attack increased to 1000. HP increased to 4500.

seems its going to be pretty good ^^

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I see your point, but whilst they have similar stats, they have very different uses. Firstly without any stat boosts, at level 26, with ferocity strike used, it deals about 3000 damage each turn. Next, Dio has a lot more use against dodges and its instant invincibility/ distraction is more used for getting a hard hitting counter out instead of charging up DSR. Yes, both can be used as tank busters and whilst Tryko can deal well with evaders, Dio copes a lot better. Dio also can cleanse distractions, which Tryko can’t. Tryko is very weak to distractions. In my opinion, I still class Tryko as the better creature, but Dio is highly strong and shouldn’t really be compared to Tryko, as each excel in different areas of the field


Who will win in a head to head?

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The swap-in ferocity is a big liability in its current form. It only offers attack boost for 1.5 turns (counter + 1 full turn), but it prevents any swapping for 2 turns. It dies very easily in those 2 turns to any average damage dealers.

It has a flat base damage of 2K if it counters? I wouldn’t worry about it’s damage. I know folks will say “yes but counter doesn’t work if you’re stunned”. News flash, no move works if you’re stunned on any dino.

As said very well above Diorja will be very very good now and a direct comparison to Tryko seems like a reach to make it seem it won’t.

The precise counter attack is what i’m Looking forward to. Indoraptor and erlidominus won’t be quite so perfect against Diorajasaur anymore. The 600 point health boost is absolutely beautiful. Though I will miss pinning strike, to be honest. Using that to prevent dracoceratops swap-ins was beautiful.

The one thing I don’t like-instant distraction. while a wonderful addition to Dio’s arsenal, the distracting impact was one of my favorite moves to use against Trykosaurus. Still… the new moves and buffs are more than appreciated. He really did need them, critically-and I will re-learn to use him in the new way!


He got a MAJOR improvment, he is now very good in the current meta…

^^ this

More stuff

For me Dioraja lose is identity.

Tryko is a mix Def and Attack
Dioraja before 1,7 is a dino with defensive skill only (shield and debuff).
Add ferocity Strike and delete shield and change impact for instant distraction give him so much similar at tryko.
Ferocity Strike is the real problem of all counter Attack dinosaur. You choose between damage but less chance to stay alive more time or use defensive skill but make more time to kill.
Ss is a good basic Attack but if you delete a distraction you take hard dammage, Speed advantage is so occasional, you have 2 priority skill.
Dioraja was a good counter to lock dracoceratops.
Ferocity swap give good surprise but you took hard dammage.
I prefered a swap in distraction to tank and give a free 1X.

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It’s gonna be a beast. Can deal a boosted Rampage each turn. On par with Tryko now.

U mean it can deal with a rampage ?
Because it defintely can’t deal a rampage, since it doesn’t have one :joy:

Or ur referring to the 1x counter combined with an attack? But either way that won’t be every turn since both of the instant don’t do direct damage. It will only be 1x on those turns

1.5k damage is op by itself.

On a level 26? If you think 1.5k or even 3k possible damage on a turn… most other uniques say hello…

What’s your trophy count. Just curious

Oh lord the thread started with Diorja being talked down and now he’s OP.

This board is amazing


Same guy saying dio is op doesn’t even have a tryko :joy: the basis of knowledge and experience with good dinos is beyond his grasp.

Who are you talking about?