Did I get cheated out of invincible shield?


Hey guys, so can someone confirm or deny my belief that I got cheated out of my invincibility? I’m sure i’m not missing anything here.

Basically in the middle of a fight and we both happen to pick lvl 13 Amargocephalus and end up picking the exact same moves as each other, yet i’m sure I got cheated on my invincibility shield.

I’ve sped the video up a bit but not too fast that it shoots through it. I’d like to know your thoughts, am I missing something?


Nope, not cheated. What happened is that since you were both using the same dinosaur on the same level whoever press first acts first, and in this case it was not a good thing because you used you invencibility first than him so that way you would block his next attack, but since he used his invecibility too that did count as his attack and then your shield is gone and his stay


This can acutally be used as a strategy where you wanna press later to go second and get your shield to go off after than his, that way he loses it and you got a shield for free for the next attack


Oh yeah I see what you mean. That explains why he was slower choosing his attack when usually he was quick.