Did I just beat a bot, hacker or was it a fluke?


I was in a match and I was 2 down 1 to go in the lead then my options kept disappearing and reappearing, it was like someone else had control of my options so I closed out the game and restarted, I was sure I had lost but then I opened to this… :grin:


Hacker. It’s been happening to some players lately, I think it’s more common the higher you climb but, don’t quote me on that. It’s still a hacker.


That’s what I thought, it was so weird that they had control of my move options, it kept coming and going :neutral_face: but at least I won that one :muscle:t5:


Awesome that you won it! Some people just love ruining things.


It’s not a hacker. I get ‘Opponent Name’ at the end of the battle every time I lose connection and log back in. It will happen if I’m battling and get a low battery pop up. It messes with the connection every time.


But it shouldn’t take away attack buttons.


It does. You need a solid connection. I’ve tested it by unplugging my router. Buttons go bye-bye. No one is “hacking” battles.


I had no pop ups as I turn it all off while playing and it didn’t take away my attack buttons, they were coming and being pressed but without me pressing them then going again, like I was playing only I wasn’t someone else was, always the lowest attack then was their turn, I was 2.5 in the lead then BAM!


I only logged out because I didn’t like watching what was happening


It’s a bad connection but if it feels better to blame it on “hacking” then enjoy. Also they wouldn’t be hackers, they would be script kiddies; but they don’t exist in the battles.


Yeah, I’ll just put it down to a hack or a fluke and enjoy that, I know it wasn’t my connection :facepunch:t3: I’ve had connection issues in battle before and this weren’t one of them but thanks for your input :ok_hand:t3::v:t3:


That’s cool. Connection issues happen constantly though. You would have to be monitoring with third party software for a long time to be certain you never drop any packets.


Lag people, it’s fricking lag!!! No point in “hacking” to win a battle. Hack for money, co8ns etc yes.


Exactly. If these scripts were available I or anyone would be able to find them. There’s no secret society of tight-lipped battle hackers. You get a weak amount of coins for winning battles. There aren’t any hacks right now beside spoofing, which isn’t a hack. If there were real hacks you could punch the game’s name into Ebay and there would be people offering to hook you up for a cpl dollars.