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Did i just waste 60k coins upgrading?


so i have the gorgosuchus, level 20…thought i’d get the legendary–which im told is better than epic which gorgo is, to the megalosuchus, but i dont see how the mega is better than gorgo.
gorgo has 2687 health, 1015 damage, 120 speed, 20perc crit…WAY higher than mega’s damage of 747, lower speed of 115 and only 5perc crit…yea, mega has 3179 health, but what good is that if you cant deal damage to the enemy in the first place? so is this mega not worth it or am i missing something? cost me 60k coins to get this thing…starting to regret it


Gorgo way better IMHO counter attackers that aren’t tryko just don’t work at all. Chompers on the other hand all work to varying degrees


Been hoping for a buff that is deserved imo. I invested in meg and my L30 isn’t on the team. Based on ingredients it should do much better.


I would say just call it a lesson learned and get back to it with gorgo… My L30 is always on my team. Head to head it takes out a L30 meg in 2 hits.


yea i will…oh wel, i keep getting the short end of the stick lol…other post i made, i wasted 8k cash on a premium incubator that i got all garbage from, and now this l9ol


Ask @Ardens he should be able to tell you.


Plus with cleanse, ferocity, and shield breaking rampage gorgo is a good tryko killer.


Neither gorgo or megla are super viable… and they both play completely different… gorgo is a chomper best used as a revenge killer that gets outclassed as you progress. Megla is a defensive attacker best used to swap in take a hit then deal some damage

In this meta gorgo gets outclassed by thor, tenoto, and tryo. Defensive dinos not named tryko arent in a strong spot either and megla falls in the option.


Gorgo and Meg shouldn’t be compared, because they have different roles to fill.
Meg isn’t gonna win any awards for best creature, but she IS still viable. Most creatures work on their own, but you have to MAKE her work. I’ve been using her since L16 and have never finished a Tournament Season below the Top 250.
I haven’t used Gorgo in months, so I can’t speak to its viability.
My answer: Yes, you may have wasted resources.

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She’s still my favorite creature in the game :revolving_hearts:


Gorgo is way better than Mega, and can be very viable up through Lockwood arena if leveled up. She’s a great revenge killer and dracorat exterminator. Not to mention being able to cleanse distraction and bleed.


Gorgosuchus is actually quite good. I have it at L20 and it does me well. I recently managed to complete Megalosuchus and frankly it’s quite pants. I feel Megalosuchus is one of those who by the time you can complete it, it has become outdated by most other dinosaurs of it’s level.


That’s why Tryko works, because she’s not a counter dinosaur, she’s a tank-chomper…


Megalo lacks defense shattering moves.

Gorgo is great, but need to be high level. Have mine on lvl 23, recently benched again. With less tanks and slowers in meta currently, can be usefull. Can take care of DC and is good to revenge kill bleeders cause of cleansing. I really like it damage, but can be fragile.


We playing same game lol she both as all unique have 2 classes. That’s why when tryko gets hit it hits back also reason why it has defensive abilities though what I said still applies none of the other counter using Dino’s are any good! Not enough dmg no 2x attack etc…


My Mega is up to 26 now and what a champ. Turn on that ferocious and its 3k damage per turn. Toss in the critical impact and have it actually go off, and thats like 3300 damage in a single attack. Plus pinning can actually be useful to keep Draco from coming in or something else from getting away. It could use a speed buff or some shattering, but it’s still pretty neat in its abilities.

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Is that 3k including the counter cause if so you don’t really get 3k a turn unless your arena dropping and not facing multiple counters to mega every match


I understand what you are saying. What I meant is that you’re talking about conceptually different types of dinosaurs. You can’t put in Megalo and Tryko in the same basket or compare their performance. I quote a recent discussion about “counter dinosaurs”, where I explained the misconception.

It’s right to say that all counter dinosaurs fall behind any other class.
It’s right to say that all counter-attack dino users fall behind Tryko, as you stated in your later post.
I just wanted to point out that Tryko is not a counter dinosaur, as one could understand in your previous post. Just a counter-attack user. Therefore it shouldn’t be compared to Meg or any other counter dinosaur.

I hope this makes it clearer.


This has been debated many times. Neither is used in the Aviary. I couldn’t get Megalosuchus to work but some people swear by it.