Did I make an oops?

I instant fused my Trex to become lvl31 did not realize the jump it would have made. I’m planning on doing the next bracketed tournament. I have unaysaurus getting evolved to lvl31 as well…
did I mess my stuff up for this upcoming tournament? :sweat_smile:
Also I don’t know why the order of the photos got messed up… I clicked on them in order.

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I dont think so, it wont affect your lineup


That’s a really decent lineup for a level 67


No, I don’t think so. The ferocity jump was only by 500 between lvl 30 and lvl 31 Trex. However if you keep fusing more and more lvl 31 base-legendaries (or equivalent rarities) then you’ll start facing harder and harder enemies, and thus might have to resort to sandbagging, aka throwing weaker dinos into your matches because of the limit of your roster’s power. That or spend tons of dbux on speeding up recoveries to complete daily events.

To play it safe, build up a duplicate lvl 30 base-legendary army (as in 2x of each base-legendary dino you want to take to lvl 31), then spend 1 week fusing them all to lvl 31 as to not hurt your overall roster.


Thank you. I’ve been trying to keep it well balanced. Hoping it pays off in the long run.

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Okay awesome! I’ll definitely start doing that now. Super appreciate your input, thank you!

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It will definitely pay off, Trex was one of my top 3 for a very long time

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