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Did I misread Matchmaking changes?

I was under the impression that with the changes to Matchnaking you wouldnt be paired with opponents with dinos of higher level than your highest and that if you didnt have a boosted dino the ipponent would not either… either Im wrong, didnt see something correctly or Ludia lied. My first match in 1.7 consisted of a boosted Utahsino and a level 22 Indoraptor also boosted. Meanwhile my highest level is 21 and I have no dinos on my team with boosts. This is a total disaster…

Yeah go and reread the changes. We were not promised to never face higher level teams. The matchmaking changes takes team strength into account instead of just trophy levels, but no where in the update notes did it promise to not put a s against stronger teams.

The update should make it less likely, but won’t erase it completely. Add to that, right now, the arena pool is condensed due to android bugged out.

Also I would also say that a level 22 vs a level 21 isn’t completely out of wack. I wiped the floor with a booster team of legendaries with a level 16 suchotator, level 18 utahsino and a level 15 Alanqa. Deny Indoms rampage with swap in invincibility, bleed stegosaurs, distract. Scare your opponent into a cloak and use nullify when they think you have another plan.

That being said. Give it some time to settle out. I’m withholding full judgement until Android players get back in.

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I see, you would be correct. And yeahb21 vs 22 isnt farfetched by default, but assuming what thought before it seemed off. Not anymore though