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Did I miss this

What the heck is jack of all trades? I can’t find it in the notes

Jack of all trades is a term for people(in this case dinos) can practically fill any role. Procerat before her nerf fits this bill

First of all I know what a Jack of all trades is :joy::joy:!

But under suchotator it says DOT changed to Jack of all trades.

So once again what does it have to do with the game?

It’s role in the game has apparently changed from DoT to Jack of all Trades. I suppose that’s because of the attack buff.

Wow! Getting an answer is tough! Ok does it mean Suchotator no longer has lethal wound as it was Dot or Damage over time??

I think they meant that now its bleed isn’t the focus of its role even if it retains it.

I hope it retains it it’s basically it’s only useful move! Well unless you ran into an immune like earlidominus! But Ludia doesn’t have to word it that way because it’s CONFUSING! :joy::joy:

That’s a typical Ludia thing to do. Like how they worded a lot of stuff in the past and we were like, “What?”

They literally worded it in the notes DOT changed to Jack of all trades!

Ok they did do it Role: Damage over time changed to jack of all trades but cmon man! That is a ridiculous thing to say! I have been reading the notes for 2 years now and they have never used the term jack of all trades before. So we are supposed to interpret it as…