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Did i will win

Im now fighting legendary creature

Ahh yes the good ol steamin pile of unfair garbage that is the arena


A Legendary in my sibo ?? Wow… Hmmm when i was in my sini i only has rare and epic creature


prob a dropper,those players who intentionally lose in higher arena so they can torment lower lvl players in lower arenas and get an easy win

Poor yoshi, this is unfair, im in sibo but i face only 11-15 lvl epics and rares and commons

That’s not a dropper just someone that bought a legendary incubator 5k hard cash and u have a huge advantage in low arenas


Um, you could’ve won had you predicted IIT

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Ludia really needs to do something about this, when I was in Sibo I had Allo, Veloc, maybe even a Rare T rex.

It’s just the way the game is now, I don’t really think it’s a problem seeing as I had only rares when I climbed out of Sibo

I can’t fight in the arena anymore. My butt just keeps getting kicked by boosted legendaries and even unique creatures. Yep, you heard me, a unique in MT. Sibo. Insane. I want to quit, but I’m not quitting just yet, Ludia is quitting on me.

seeing legendaries in mt sibo,i could smell the droppers already

I recommend doing campaign, it helps a lot with dna. Sadly I can’t do it cuz I need 4 level 24s. When I was in Dino, I only had epics.

Lol 4 lvl 28’s for me lol

Sometimes the fights can be unfair, and at that point Yoshi outta luck :face_with_hand_over_mouth:

Poor poor yoshi! His days on the top are over :pensive:

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that’s horrible, wait until it four level 30’s.

Not always a dropper though. I had a monolometrodon in mt sibo on my alt account.

Next one for me is LL after this one, so I’m just biding my time

Oh boy.