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Did Locales Shift?

No, I’m not talking about dinosaurs migrating with 2.0. Everybody knows that happened. What I’m asking about is this:

I used to solidly be L1. Majungasaurus was the bane of my existence. Now I’m seeing Mono G2. According to the 2.0 Spawn Guide, thats puts me as L4. So did the whole locale map shift? Did the borders get redrawn? Maybe this has already been answered.
In any case, L1, L4, doesn’t matter. So long as you don’t create a zone L7.

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The placements of the zones did shift as well as what can be found in each zone

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Do you know if it shifted or if the borders were redrawn completely.

I think the borders stayed the same from what I can tell, so it was just a shift


Locals 1 and 4 shifted, and Locals 2 and 3 shifted, FYI, @Acerglyn

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They did rotate.


But that requires me reading everything in entirety! Pffft! :laughing:

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