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Did Ludia forget to balance out trophy distribution?

I know Ludia mentioned trophies would give 10-50 trophies per match as opposed to ranging from 1-59…but I get the impression trophies are only giving 10 OR 50? Atleast that’s the pattern been noticed on my end

I had a game earlier give me 27. It was against a member of your guys’ alliance if you want to ask him too. But besides that one match( and us being nearly identical trophy count) it has been either +10 or -50

I think its more of a top of the ladder issue… while i get 10s and 50s its not even close to every match. Been getting alot more 20/30 so far today actually.

50 is a bit extreme, honestly. The spread shouldn’t be that huge. One loss should not cancel out five wins. This system might work in lower arenas, but if you’re a high ranked player, this trophy system is total BS.

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You’re lucky hahaha

I have got 15, 26, 30s. Looks like if the opponent is easy to beat Trophy offered is less. The difficult the battle is its offered more.

I-20… would have been a decent spread once someone hits something like 5.5/6k

But this whole trophie system is junk during 5 matches yesterday i went 2-3 and gained 30 trophies cause one of my wins took 50 from a guy 400 trophies lower then me.

I shouldn’t gain trophies while posting a losing record just like someone who goes 3-2 shouldnt lose trophies.

Nothing like winning 4 battles in a row and getting 10 trophies each, the losing 2 with a 42 trophy loss and a 50 trophy loss.

I mean, really?