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Did Ludia listen or just a random epic day?


Erm… so I hunt anywhere between 3 and 6 hours per day… we know pretty much exactly how much of every creature we’re going to see per day and definitely noticed the awful spawn nerf, particularly the T-Rex and night spawns. I’m pretty fed up with the lack of spawns and 1.6 was going to be a pivotal point whether we carry on playing (and investing) or not…

But then… today happened…!!

IN 4 hours total over 2 spells:

TWENTY FOUR EPICS… ok 3 of which de-spawned before getting them… but


4 T-Rex(!!?!)

My first wild Epic Gypo!?!

Managed to get screenshots of some, others spawned under me as was travelling (passenger) so no time… but you get the idea…!

With all my heart I hope this is Luida listening to us and not some weird twilight-zone day!

Has anyone else found the same today?

If this is going to continue Ludia can count me in for continuing to play.


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Their team is aware of the problem and our currently working towards a fix.

But in all seriousness congrats.


Give…me…those…beautiful… golden… spawns! I am a little jealous right now!
Congratulations though! Glad someone other than the mysterious L5 people got a nice haul!


I… did consider this… :joy::sweat_smile::shushing_face::unamused: hopefully it’s a genuine increase due to the fan base being listened to, and not something that developers are going to be working on for 48 hours without sleep to fix… :sweat_smile:

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Got 16 epics in the last 2 hours!!!

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what time was it when u meet these ?


10.30-12.30 then 3.30-5.30 Roughly.

Wasn’t even out hunting as such this was just driving to appointments passing through zones


Did let common bombs off though when passing parks… hoping to pull the elusive Dilo G2… without luck


Well not for me. Still no epic since 5 days now.

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:unamused::unamused::unamused: oh boo


thanks a lot…will drive outside and see if i am lucky enough

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Three epics around my work in L2, usually none. Also a few rares. Life is good on a Monday!

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Fingers crossed!!! :crossed_fingers:


Not nice. :confused:


I wouldn’t put it past them to lower epics before and during tournaments in order to push up the sale of incubators and scents from people wanting to do better in the tournament. After the Buy 200 T-Rex DNA after nerfing, I don’t put much past them.


What I’ve found is that one day a week, epics are everywhere. I call it epic day and there is one like that every week for me. The other six days I find nothing but there is always that one golden day. I would almost swear they have that coded into the game. Maybe it’s different days for each user or split into zones but I wish you the very best of epic days!


Lucky u! No epic for me today :thinking:


Can I get some of that Rex? Lol, this is absolutely insane… Congratulations! But yeah, I have noticed the increase severely. I went out for an hour, literally saw 20 rare and like 2 epics… I was really happy with that.