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Did Ludia listen or just a random epic day?

I darted one Rex so far today.

Nice haul. I got a few today too. Including 2 rex’s tonight. One at 10:00

PM est in arby’s parking lot and this one at 10:35 PM est in McDonalds parking lot.

Not so much for me today, but I saw 8 yesterday which is extremely good for me. Was only hunting for an hour or 2. Side note, 5 barys…which I needed.

i too had a great day for epics. felt like the good ol days. keep it up Ludia.

2 anky
2 kentro
2 mono
2 raja
2 trex
1 erlik
1 brach
1 pyro

Found a Kentro in a spot that never spawned any epics as far as I know.

Saw a Brachiosaurus but it was out of reach.

It’s been fairly quiet so far.

Just caught a Sino and a T-rex a few minutes ago. Saw a Grypo too but too far away.

Lol where r u guys. I am trying and used so many scents still I didn’t get one

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No such numbers for me either :frowning: saw one epic yesterday and one today so far, both spino g2 :expressionless:

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Yup! Found a bunch of Toujiang and Trex2!

I haven’t seen a single epic in the last 3-4 days…

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You give me a lot of envy, I play more than six hours a day normally and my record is still 9 epics, having exceeded only 3 times until yesterday the 5 epics in a day (the usual ones are one or two). Anyway, yesterday was one of those exceptional days when I found 7 epics (my second best day since June), although two of them came out in two capsules of 20 normal minutes and 5 normal minutes respectively. In my case, the four exceptional days with between 6 and 9 epics were always on Monday, I do not know if this is coincidence.

I usually read people who get 11 epics in a day, 15 and now you comment 24 and I do not always ask myself how is that possible? Some comment that this is possible traveling by car but I, as I mentioned in another post, I did a trip of three and a half hours as a passenger and I only saw one epic in all that time and out of range. This frustrates me a lot because I can not find an explanation or solution. Does anyone have answers to these differences between spawn epics?

Unless some cities spawn at higher rates… I can’t understand. I have played in two different cities and none matches those numbers…

Not seeing the increase :frowning: but also not been out a huge amount so …

This September I was on tourism north of Europe. They were days of 10 or 12 hours of walking and many of them looking sideways at the game and I did not see that number of epics either in Stockholm, or in Hesinki or Tallinn, or in Riga or Vilnius. Maybe it’s a problem with the language or with Google Maps as it happens with the parks (I can not pick up stegos because according to the game in my town there is no park and the closest one is 5 km away and this is not true).

From what I see in my L4 park spawns, with 12 parks in my hunting grounds, some areas are better than others. Unequal distribution of spawns.

Two small parks are great hunting, I can get many stego in a day reliably. Anytime I turn on the game there is at least one visible and I can get another two or three from proximity points. This same park will regularly spawn Triceratops, Spino, Gryposuchus, Diplophosaurus 2. Another park is similar, although smaller so not as many spawn points.

The two larger parks, one a state park the other a large ‘green way’ by a highway, are pretty much barren. Aside from event stops, nothing. Yes, I will see occasional park spawns, but not worth being on the regular route as they are sporadic at best. Several of the other small parks hardly ever have a spawn in them and no proximity spawn points that I have ever found. Not even worth going by.

The two great hunting parks will also park spawn for a block or more around them. The others, no. Within three or four blocks of the great hunting parks is where most of my Epic spawn. There are reliable spawn points that are always worth including on the loop. Some of the other parks have spawned Epic, but not to where I would include them on the loop, only if I see something there.

Thanks for the info. My problem is that a stego will never be generated in my town because it seems that there is no green zone for the game. Something similar happens in my place of residence. The playgrounds are not in the game and, instead, the campsites are painted green, they are private and in winter they are closed. In Barcelona the thing is a little different. Although not all parks are marked green in the game if there are some. In any case, it is very difficult for me to take more than one or two stegos a day while I continue to collect apatos and nodes. I only hope that in the next version stego will be common again or eliminate the concept park (which is more difficult).

I have had 10 epics in 2 days so all good

getting five epics a day would be perfect for me, but that happens a few times.

I’ve noticed an increase in the variation of creatures, which is welcomed.
Increase in the overall availability, not so much.
I’m still seeing a sea of emptiness of JWA in the same location where Pokemon abound.