Did Ludia nerf fusing?

Every fuse now is only 10…anyone notice that? or just so unlucky that i fuse 10 all the way in 10 attempts.

i only ever get 10 anyway. lol.

In the last days I have obtained

  • 10 (many)
  • 20 (enough)
  • 30 (few)
  • 90 (one, and I was puzzled because I thought max was 70)
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The max is 100 but I’ve only ever gotten it once.

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I’ve somehow managed to get 3x 100 fuses in total since I started playing. I feel rather fortunate! Maybe its to makeup for how much RNG doesn’t like me in battles :laughing:

The fusing DNA RNG is just plain evil, considering how much time and effort we as players put in to get the flipping ingredients for hybrids.:-/

The truth is that wait for 2 or 3 TREX, plus a minimum of 10 Velociraptors to get to have 50 Indominus R and then wait for other 12/15 velociraptors to reach 2000 DNA … and that in Indoraptor’s fusion of 10 is something that bothers a lot, but I suppose if I did not, it would rise too fast.

My suggestion is that for each merger two separate numbers would come out … first tens (with the current probabilities) and then units (with the same possibilities for the 10 numbers). In this way, at least, after seeing that a 10 has reappeared, you could have a little joy if the second figure is, for example, a 7 for a total of 17.

I think the fusing rng is a load of :poop: anyway. Why should one person have to work really hard to get 20k raptor to hit a ten on every indoraptor fuse and someone else walk away with 100 indo dna after one fuse :woman_shrugging:t2:


Just did 4 fuses, and got 10, 20, 30, 10. Yesterday I remember getting about four or five 10’s and one 20.

Same here. Majority I get was 10. On average is about 20.
With less Apato, Stegosaurus and Veloci spawns, it will take ages to get the job done…:rofl:

i feel the dna reward has been drastically reduced, i never has such lousy of 10 strait.
Yes, i do agree one who said this isn’t a fair system, why one get 100 with minimum effort and another gets 10 for 10x more effort…
Feels like is pushing us into frustration so we spend more.

Just got a 90 on one for gorgosuchus.
300dna from 7 fuses for it

You are so damn lucky…I was fusing the same and gets 10 out of 10, mad to the extreme.

:joy::disappointed: i very rarely get 10s on gorgo. 10s are the rarity for me.
Paramaloch on the other hand i am 28/28 for 10 fuses

It really varies. Like it only took me 8 fuses to create Erlidominus because I got an 80 on one of the fuses, but it took me exactly 25 fuses for Utarinex because it was all 10s.

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I remembered fusing Gorgosuchus requires 200 of Kaprosuchus, now only needs 50…

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I did 10 spinotasuchus fusions and all of them give me 10 dna so i think yes, they nerf it and all my dna was stupidly wasted

I wanna go all the way to Ludia’s offices to protest on your behalf…I don’t get why the minimum level can’t just be increased to 20. I’m sure most people would be much happier, even if it were only on uniques and possibly legendaries. It’s infuriating that someone can work so hard for that much dna and get done over by RNG…

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Looks like this topic hits a little close to home :grimacing:

No I don’t think there was a nerf, just bad rng. Recent fuses.

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