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Did Ludia QA (quality Control) this release at all?

This release is full of bugs both cosmetics and functionality bugs. It seem like Ludia just develops and push the release out without going through the QA department. A couple of the cosmetic bugs like the wait time circle and the count down number, the cancel button and the text inside that button. It is embarrassing to release a product like that.


They let their customers be the QA department.


This is the release that made you question Ludias quality control? Not 1.6 which released alliance rewards that broke during the first week and took them a month to fix. Or 1.7 that released the first iteration of speed boosts that allowed for 160 thors. Not to mention all the other issues with 1.7 launch.

Ludia has no qa department.


Considering they’re looking for a lead QA and QA Testers… It’s very possible they aren’t checking these properly, depending on what game they’ll throw you on.


The programmer and checker must be one in the same.

Where I work in engineering, we, by force of process, MUST have at least two others checking our work before releasing anything. This is just a game. Nobody gets hurt if mistakes are made. If I make a mistake, it could result at minimum, thousands of dollars to fix tools to millions of dollars in vehicle recalls.

How would you people at Ludia like it if I put the same care into what I engineer as you put out in your game here? How would you like it if your car puked out in the middle of rush hour traffic because I didn’t do my job properly?

Of course I expect the same great quality our of this game app as the products I engineer.


The level of quality of the product reflect on the company.


Meh, the cost of quality.

Rather high for this company…lol.

Quality is costing them a small fortune.

They can’t afford to even proofread their official posts on this forum.


Ludia? Quality Control? Lol


Sadly they had to let go the fake beta test team of homeless people haha!

I recall a content creator think it was poke fodder say when they get early acess into a new patch. There are features in that version that arent planned for release until multiple patches down the road.

Cant see why Ludia wouldnt give them a version of the current game plus the new patch and run the risk of features coming in two patches being leaker 6 months early. Unless there isnt one…