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Did ludia stop giving us daily 100 bucks in our in game mail?

They said the rewards will be available for 18-25 january. I didnt recive any bucks today and yesterday.

They handed that out the 18th, are you sure you haven’t opened it yet?

If I recall correctly they gave us the reward on the 18th and we had until the 25th to claim it; not one a day.

This is a case of misinterpretation.

They were giving us a single 100 HC which you have between 18-25 January to collect it. They didn’t say 100 HC every day.


what i meant is that on wednesday thursday friday which is 20 21 22 i didnt recive 100 bucks in my ingame mail at all.

i have opened it but on 20 21 and 22 january i didnt receive 100 bucks i my ingame mail.

You’re not supposed to. Why do you think you would get 100 bucks every day?


It’s one time compensation, that you can claim it until 25th. There is no 100 cash daily reward, never was.