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Did not receive Megalosaurus reward

I took part in the Shake the Earth event over last weekend and finished in the Dominator League. I subsequently did not receive the Megalosaurus pack reward. In fact, I did not receive any kind of reward whatsoever. I had not taken any screenshots to verify that I finished in Dominator, since I did not expect not to receive the reward. I’ve written 3 support requests to Ludia so far about this (2 on Helpshift, 1 in-game) but have not received any reply so far.

Would appreciate any help on the issue.

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I had the same problem for another tournament, and they wont do anyhting, do you have proof??

Unfortunately not much can be done if support isn’t willing to compensate and you don’t have any proof.

No, I did not have proof that I was in Dominator when the event finished. I don’t think it is fair to expect players to always screenshot their progress in case they are denied rewards.

However, in a previous Shake the Earth event where I lost my earned trophy points (for no reason!) and dropped down to Hatchling league from Dominator league, the game admin claimed they were able to check my progress at the time it happened. They eventually compensated me with the Predator league reward.

Therefore, I believe it is possible for them to verify these things. Furthermore, I have received no reply on my requests so far; even if they are going with the ‘no further action because you have no proof’ argument.

Hi there zephyr_chang. I messaged you privately in order to take a look at this!


FYI, I don’t know if this was the case, but if you were in the game when the tournament ended its common that the player doesn’t get the reward. You’ll have to notify support of the issue. I know you already notified them. I’m just saying if that was the case, just make sure you exit the game before the tournament ends next time.

If that’s not what happened, then please ignore this comment :grin:

I’ve been in the game while tournaments end and have had zero problems. I think it’s a server hiccup related issue.

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That may be, but there have been MANY reports of people not getting their prize if they were in the game during the end of the tournament. So if that was the case, I was just suggesting that may be the cause.

Just wait, they will eventually reply and you don’t need proof if you give them your code they’ll find out and give you the reward you missed. It happened to me with the Parasaurolophus, it took them like 9 days but I finally got it.

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Well, for me, it has been more than two weeks and not even a single reply so far. I’ve sent in three support tickets already. I am not given an explanation why my very legitimate request is being ignored. My 4 year old son (who this game is really for) is still upset about it.

Every time you send in a message you move back to the end of the line…

How long since you sent the most recent message

I sent three tickets so far:

[1062273] August 6th
[1057465] June 30th
[1055656] June 26th

I doubt it is a matter of timing/queue. A forum administrator checked earlier and claimed that my ticket was found and that it would be responded to, but that didn’t happen ultimately.

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