Did not receive purchased incubator


I purchased a one time offer when I leveled up to level 12. It was $50. I had to update my billing info from the App Store. After doing so I purchased the one time offer for $50. My card got charged but I did not receive anything. Also I used the contact us thing within the app and got no response for 3 days.


Hey dc775, I’m sorry if our team has not gotten back to you yet, they have been receiving a lot more tickets lately, but they will try to get back to you soon.


How do I know if they received the messages? I’ve sent multiple messages over the course of a few days and have heard no responses. Just want to make sure they know the issue exists


You should have received a confirmation message thanking you for getting in touch with our support team. If you think your email is not getting through, our support team can be contacted here at support+forums@ludia.com with your support key included in the email. However, sending in another email before our team gets a chance to respond might reset your position in their queue.