Did people get there tournament prize for season 2

I didn’t get my for some reason

Hey Yousof_Abbas, if you ended the season 2 tournament with at least 4,250 trophies and didn’t get a prize, our team would be happy to help you. Email our staff with your support key here at support+forums@ludia.com.

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@Ned I am having the same issue too, email sent, hope you would not keep me waiting for too long

Also haven’t received mine, and I have two other emails that I’m still waiting on Ludia to reply, one dating as far back as Aug. :joy_cat:


Yes, I also haven’t receive my reward, think I was around rank 80.:thinking:

Sent a report several hours ago, wish they could check it ASAP.

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Got my epic incubator last night
Check your mail box

I checked almost 10 times after I saw the tournament incubator reward sharing post.:thinking:

But no, there’s nothing in my mailbox.:cry:

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Kind of funny reading that a lot of people haven’t got their prizes. I got my last one in tournament 1 just as fast as I did now. Ludia is probably doing it in batches. Cheers! You’ll get yours soon.

Not had mine yet :thinking: wont be spending any more :money_mouth_face:

No I don’t even if I passed 4265. they said I’m not counted.

So you received an email from Ludia mate?

Still no rewards, and still no replies from any of the emails I’ve ever sent Ludia :joy_cat: Anyway, I’m probably not missing out much with the epic incubators seeing what most people ended up getting :rofl:

I did not received the season rewards after a week.