Did Posti gain more value with the changes?

I’m super close to creating Magna and have a bunch of Dime. There aren’t very many immune dinos that are worth leveling, but think with all the bleeders and stunning dinos Posti could do well if leveled up.

I’ve got my posti up to 19 working on 20! It’s essential in the world of bleed.

Mines is currently level 18, about to be 19. After unlocking her hybrid I’m torn between the two, on one hand Postimetrodon is one of my absolute favorite dinosaur but on the other her hybrid seems like a powerhouse…

I left mine at 15 and never looked back. Definitely a solid Dino with a good general skill set. Shield shattering and her speed definitely come in handy if you’re short on options. I do not think she is an end game Dino tho. Just not enough health to cut it with later stage creatures.

I was struggling to figure out who on the team I would trade for. I sure hope magna gets the needed buff. I will hold out and save dime. I used posti for so long and definately was my favorite although I really love my 23 Tryo too.

Mine is at level 19, could get her to 20 easy. I love her, but she’s being siphoned into Tryo now, but she’s still on my team. Saved my bacon several times.

Posti is a crucial part of my team at this point (L20 creatures).

In before the nerf.

Postimetrodon is an essential member of my team too, currently at L22. I was originally unhappy about the change in 1.5 losing Adreneline Surge (attack buffing move) but now after playing it for some time I now find that Regeneration can be a real game changer. I’m gonna just keep levelling it up so it’s bite gets stronger. The other thing about Posti, is that it’s so bulky it can switch in and heal, or just last longer than it’s frail hybrid.

So did posti gain more value in the meta since 1.5? Wth the increase of ‘bleeding’ and ‘distracting’ and the change to ‘stunning’ moves in the game it does make our ‘immune’ Potimetrodon so much more valuable.


Just to clarify, does regeneration always give back 50% of max health, or just 50% of health you currently have?

50% of remaining as far as I know :slightly_smiling_face:

Maybe things are different at your @Kitalon level of the game, but for lvl 15-16 players with lvl 18-20 dinosaurs, the Tryostronix is anything but frail. Most folks have a good amount of Legendary dinos at this stage, but anybody with a strong Tryostronix usually has an almost insurmountable advantage in pvp best of 5 battles.

It’s 50% of max health

I’m having a hard time deciding if it was a nerf or a buff with the move change. It can no longer power up twice and have that extra attack power for the impact attack, but it can heal a lot more. I still use it on my team and I’ve had it at level 30 since before the update.

HP is only a resource to be used strategically. I don’t like that they removed the dmg increase since more health means litt if you aren’t also faster than the Dino you’re up against. I’d take more finishing capability over more HP any day of the week.

I’m really glad to know it isn’t a bad idea at all to level it up. Only 30 away from magna so not sure what to do.

Here’s a video of my Posti in a high ranked battle recently. I got a bunch of crits this round, but it shows that it can still hang. It usually doesn’t crit like that though.


Love it! Thanks for sharing that! I wonder who I would trade out, I think I have enough to level to a 24. I’m hoping to have utarinex within the next couple weeks to swap with utahsino.

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Utarinex is a game changer. Its a great dino that can take on a lot of dinos. I always say that it has a huge backpack because it can carry a team sometimes haha


Sure is nice fusing at 50 each vs 500 or 2000 :grin:

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I think you have a fair point but at the end of the day it’s a matter of personal preference and what works best in your team. I’m currently at level 15 and battle around the 4000k trophy mark. But I do find breaking Tryostronix to be very easy, it seems quite situational and seldom lasts beyond it’s second turn. Maybe that’s why it’s a Try-ostronix :joy: On the flip side Postimetrodon is quite tanky and bulky as it has a higher hit pool and it’s Regenerate allows it to last longer to chew on tasty armoured tanks. Nom nom nom.

Postimetrodon ~ 1000 DMG 4200 HP (+Regeneration)
Tryostronix ~ 1150 DMG (+Crits) 3900 HP