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Did poukandactylus will have a buff next update?

Hihi all.

I read the datamine on gamepress 2.8, and I saw that a dino with distraction on his move set will change into distracting impact. Could be poukandactylus? 1st post on the datamine said that some weak dino will get a buff, and pouka is. Also we know that spinocon can have buff too with the new evasive wounding strike. I love the design of pouka, so I hope he can be playable a bit more soon!


I think it may be for Spinoconstrictor instead considering that it’s having evasive Stance changed to evasive wounding strike. So it would need a 0 cooldown move which would be evasive wounding strike, so most logically it would be for Spinoconstrictor.


I think poukan might get buffed stat wise, dont think they will change the moveset.
I still believe it should have swap in ferocity from its tupan part, would also make it more fierce with ferocity.
At the moment the only fierce part is the counter.

Evasive wounding strike doesn’t sound like a basic move. Evade and wound? At least 1 Cooldown on EWS

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It’s a strike, we already have Cautious Strike as a 0 cooldown move, which evades, increases speed and distracts. So I don’t see your point.

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I do think it is spinocon.
I don’t think they will add bleed onto any of the other creatures.

Don’t forget that it’s also precise!

Wound is different! It deal damage every turn and if you spam it… You will quick kill a 6t health creatures! So a non-cooldown Wound is Ridiculous!

He already has a 33% counter so he could do that anyway, his biggest problem since they changed his moveset back in 2.0 is staying alive + all the dot resistance going around on various dinos has made him 1 of the weaker uniques , imo he needed sidestep back + a health buff

Who do you mean have “33% Rend counter”?

Spinocon has a wounding 33% counter

Oh! So which creature will have evade Wounding Strike?

Spinocon undoubtedly

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There’s a little confusion, although the thread is about the bird , the moves being debated are probably about other dinos & in this case about spinocon