Did Prowl get a buff?

During rare and epic skill tournament without hybrids noticed something unusual. Marsupial Lion dodged every single time after Prowl (priority move) was used. It’s hard to believe that in 3 days, in tournament where mirror matchups between Lions and Lion vs Andrew matchups were common, Prowl wouldn’t fail to dodge. Many players reporting same thing.

Did Prowl get buffed @Ned @E.D?

I doubt it, it failed as much as it should’ve for me.


I don’t believe that there were any recent changes to Prowl, @Dinotris. :thinking:


As I play tournaments a lot, before, usually in Marsupial Lion mirror matches at least one of Lions would hit through Prowl with RT crit doing over 3k damage. This tournament didn’t see that happen once. Also every Andrewsarchus attack was dodged by Marsupial Lion. It’s only Prowl, not Deliberate Prowl, Evasive Impact or Evasive stance. Those 3 all worked normally and failed to dodge sometimes.


I saw the same with marsupial vs marsupial, all attacks were Dodge

i thought that too, in the description says that it’s a 75% chance to dodge, but when used, in the part of the effects of the creature said it has 100% chance to dodge. so i think they changed it but didn’t tell us anything