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Did Raid Get Harder after maintenance?

It seems like it was easier Day 1. Iirc the 1st boss room he was only lvl 14 and wasn’t level 18 until room 8 and was able to beat it once at room 8. And was Consistently beating rooms 6 and 7. And now Boss starting at lvl 15 room 1 and seeing level 18 at room 6 and getting basically one shot. Not sure if the difficulty got increased During Maintenance??? Or Does it get harder the more our Guild progresses or by my individual progress?? But it’s definitely gotten Harder than day 1. Anyone else notice a difference???

It definitely got harder. During the first day, I had level 16 boss for the first two rooms. I managed 9 rooms during the first day. Now I have level 17 boss in the second room and I am lucky if I get past the fifth room. Boo Ludia! I already have low participation in my guild and members don’t have endless hours to grind a hundred runs. If there are too many keys out there, don’t have 3 rallies per raid!

This is just more in the trend to reduce player rewards. Want players to play longer? Give them less, so it takes devoted players longer to max out.

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The CR (challenge rating) of Challenges and PvP bots is reportedly tied to the level of your highest hero. It is likely the same is true for the Raids and Rallys. As such, if you recently increased the level of your highest hero by one, you may find the CR will increase likewise. This may be what some players are encountering.

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It is frustrating, I’m only able to clear 3 rooms per key because the bosses are going 14, 15, 16, 17 - so by room 4 the level 17 boss just batters my lvl 11 and 12 squad - hitting too hard no matter what my squad is. I have quite a few keys so I’ll get a few a fair rooms, but it is annoying for the difficulty to be ramped so hard for my current levels.

Luckily my guild has an absolute machine of a player who has already done 300 rooms for us and does so every raid and a number of other higher players all clearing 100s of rooms each. So we’ll end up with the Silverhand shortly, but it’s frustrating for guild members (I guess across all guilds) who are lower that we can’t contribute as much because of the difficulty.

Where’s the challenge and fun leaning to this?

@Orloch thanks for the info. I haven’t leveled up any heroes since the Rally began when I was able to consistently clear rooms 6 and 7 and boss level wasn’t hitting 18 till room 8. Got lucky on one run and was able to beat room 8 level 18 boss. And now my room 6 boss is level 18, 2 rooms earlier than it was day one.

Feels bad that difficulty was increased AFTER the Guilds that were most likely gonna get to the end anyways did. And now the Guilds that are gonna spend all week Grinding out 40+ runs will have exponentially less rooms and less chance to get Max reward??? So the ones that are already strong get Stronger Just because they weren’t busy Day 1??? What’s so wrong with Once in awhile Rewarding the Entire playerbase with free event rewards and not just the top tier Guilds that are already Strong??? 40+ keys of time investment in both Rallies and Raid rooms isn’t Enough for Ludia to give us all the Same chance to get a silver hand??? Not like Everyone will be able to even meet the level requirements of Silver hand gear anyways and they will see it in their inventory as incentive to grind grind grind to be able to use it… or Spend real $ which is obviously the goal…
This solution doesn’t seem to even solve the problem of too many keys still being in circulation at end of Raid…If Top tier Guilds already 100% it day one They most likely have members that only used a couple keys to get in on the participation and will be stacked with extra keys before the next set of Rallies even starts…
Not happy… Somebody in charge really dropped the ball and then came up with a band aid solution that isn’t real fair to the rest of us…So Glad I have never spent money on this and this gives me further reason to Not Ever do so…

I have not leveled anyone up recently. My party are all level 14 and I’m not even halfway to the next level with one toon. It’s a slog. There is no way my guild will reach the silverhand, as there is only two of us who get anywhere near 100 rooms. At my rate, Ill be lucky to get to 100 this time. Just had a run that ended after 1 room due to crit hits.