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Did Rixis Get the Wrong Nerf?

Not ANOTHER Nerf thread, but hear me out!

From playing this weekend’s tournament, it feels as though the issue a lot of us had with Rixis hasn’t been addressed by the recent nerf.

So long as it can outspeed an opponent, it can do the old ‘double stun followed by ferocity’ trick, which can be recycled for a very easy victory so long as your opponent doesn’t have stun resistance (or is super fast, but Rixis’ Resilience makes short work of speedsters).

I’ve used this technique to 3-0 opponents, and opponents have 3-0’d me using it (in one particularly horrific case of bad RNG, I lost 3-0 3 times in a row without laying so much as a scratch on the opponent!).

What I think bugs me about the technique is that it leaves the person on the receiving end of it helpless, and they just have to sit through it as their opponent methodically goes through a near foolproof 3-move routine (I would also argue that there’s no true skill involved in having access to such a routine).

I know there are some counters, but they seem rare and if you don’t draw one at the right time, you’re stuck.


This has always been my problem with Sarcorixis. It’s the double stun that needed fixing. Remove one or the other and she would probably be fine without any other changes.

Rixis got some counter after the nerf, seco, scuto, thyla, sucho. He is fine, if you issue with Speedy rixis it was boost problem. Double stun ?? Just use creature that has immunity or resistant to stun (at least 66%).

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I forgot that it even got a nerf because it doesn’t feel like it at all. They really need to just get rid of its ferocious impact and one of its stun so it can’t stun lock a person and finish them off with a rampage that then adds more damage. Plus with einosuchus not having any ferocious type moves, it even more should’ve gotten that move taken out. If anything give it some type of bleeding move since that’s the one thing sarcosuchus brings to the table.

Yes, it got the wrong nerf. They were correct in their assessment that it did too much damage (and lost some would-be counters simply by outspeeding them), but the stuns were an important part of why it could outdamage it’s opponents. And those stuns are still intact. I personally would have given it back armor piercing strike instead of resilient strike and reduce its armor to 15% to rework it as more of a pure fierce creature. Cunnings naturally counter it’s high damage output and can remove the attack boost, and many are also immune to stun as well.


I’ve been using Rixis for over a year now and actually agree. But On the flip side… perhaps I’m really unlucky with RNG but I’ve been getting an awful lot of failed stuns which more overnight than not leaves her for dead. Her damage output is noticeably decreased too.
I’m still running her on my arena team (lvl 29) and she is nowhere close to being the monster she once was and again her stun rate is pretty poor. I guess I’ll eventually drop her but I’m reluctant to do so. My old pre 2.0 team was pretty much made irrelevant when the done the update and Im climbing on to her in hopes that she might one day get another rework.
We also had the same double stun with Sinoceratops back in the day and she is pretty much a non entity now :frowning:

It’s like you die as before the ‘‘nerf’’, but now you watch slowly your dino dying with torture each turn :upside_down_face:

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Definitely. I’ve seen a couple of Sarcorixis in Gyrosphere after the update, and she’s still a nuisance to get rid of. As others have stated, it’s the double stun that needed fixing, not her main stats. All this has done is make her more bulky. Ferocious Impact still hurts far too hard, and the stuns still allow her to keep doing more of the same.

I’ll never understand why some dinos get a flat out nerf in stats, but others get this ‘we took away X, so we’ve added Y to compensate’. No, you didn’t need to add anything, it was too powerful anyway, end of!


Yeah for some reason rixis has to be compensated, meanwhile there is like 10 epic hybrid useless without a buff in years.

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agreed. wrong type of nerf. get rid of the double stun and she would be fine.


I don’t know that I agree. Rixis felt noticeably less oppressive this time around and didn’t feel like “I must have this in my draw to win” at all. Maybe also because it was advantage and once boosts are involved the attack was pretty low relatively speaking. Definitely not immobilizing, stunning, and then finishing off thyla or anything like that.

I never understood the logic: certain ‘nerfed’ creatures get given something back.
Rixis is one example that didn’t need any compensation, especially when there was a boost reshuffle.

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I think rixis should have the greater stunning strike replaced with something else like a deacceleration impact or something

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