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Did someone say matchmaking is bizarre?

“only need 2 edited wins for the middle leg for calliope. that’s 8 losses so far trying for them :smiley: I hate this games matchmaking and I’m getting awful close to giving up on PvP entirely WOW Tried bots again, no sunder on my armor. level 20 Farideh just killed my whole team on the first turn with shatter. phew, only took 10 losses to get those last 2 wins >:[“

I know @Orloch . Algorithms. Anyway, just a quote I took out of my guilds discord channel.

From my experience, I’m not too far under 50%, but I didn’t keep track of this last Silverhand event and it sure felt a lot worse. Perhaps it’s the long losing streaks which never happen in Battle. Given that the matchups are with players in Battle mode, it certainly can’t seem to be lack of players to match up with. Maybe it’s because of the repeated requirement to purchase gems every three losses that hits us in the face.

Whatever it is, venting and ranting helps…

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For players that lose all the time @Baladir the other side of the coin happens as well. More than half of the active players in my guild have the new silverhand. I do strongly suggest to look at all aspects of the game in order to understand everything involved in PvP.

Secondly I understand that if you are super casual or new that it may feel unfair. Getting your characters to a respectable level to PvP takes a little bit of time (month?). Understanding all aspects of the game takes longer.

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It seems we can see the striking divergence of opinion which exemplifies the issue with the Event Algorithm. A newer players finds the template frustrating as it unfairly manipulates the battles against them. On the other hand a veteran player with nearly maxed items (I am presupposing Jlmboyla is also a top player) is immude to the punishing aspects of the algorithm.

It seems unfair to expect a newer player to view PvP from the perspective of the elite. It has been rigged in our favor, not theirs. This is a point I have been trying to stress for months to no avail.

A suggestion that players can establish adequate heroes within a month also seem preposterous. It has become far more difficult for new players to rapidly improve heroes without spending coin. The multitude of nerfed weapons has slowed progression, and the various caps introduced to items such as spellbooks and challenges combined with the punishing event algorithm template has harnessed item acquisition.

This is a significant reason why new players are leaving. I strongly suggest the developer needs to quickly begin seeing the impact this lunacy has had on new players.

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@JImbolya18 makes an excellent point. There are players who mostly lose PvP battles and there are players who mostly win PvP battles. Players who aren’t winning should analyze their PvP strategies and gear setups.

Here are some perfect examples…

I didn’t lose once during Calliope Silverhand Trial. I went 35-0 in that event.

It is not uncommon for me to have a 30-40 fight win streak at any given time. My highest win streak was 85.

I have been fighting it out in the top 10 of the leaderboard since my crew was level 16.

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@JImbolya18 You make a good point about the spell books. I was looking at the VIP for 600 gems and figuring if I had the time to do 360 lols. The Pixel event tomorrow will give 3 battles for one entry if I am not mistaken, plus what is left over, so that’s actually much more than 360. Anyway, not to bore you, but now that I can regularly do two bosses in Heartcoil Deep perhaps this will now work out for me, reward wise.

I think Orlach and I are generally on the same page. The levels you reference takes 100s of hours of play for new players, which includes learning the intricacies of the gear and tactics. Assuming only 120 battles per day to use a book in three days is 6 hours a day right there, if a dungeon takes 3 minutes.

Huh, When you are using a book, how many bosses do you do in each dungeon?

@Baladir I take it you haven’t bought this spell book or participated in a Moment of Glory to understand how great these events are. This is my point exactly. Most experience you recieved is by leveling gear. If someone complains they lack gold they are playing the game wrong or is not putting in time. To avoid burn out of 720 challenges you only do one room. The 720 is not including the free challenges you get on top of the MoG. Please complete all 720 one room in your highest dungeon. For myself when I have done this (lightfinger) I have walked away with over 230k gold and 10k gems plus a load of epics to sell and other gear. I don’t use the free 720 for PvP events and focus on filling resources. If you just level gear without stepping into a dungeon you can get to level 17. I am not including legendaries. I have already explained how to get 60,000 exp a key and you can get 15 keys per rally. I hope it doesn’t take you 3 mins to clear 3 rooms in a challenge. For me it is less then half that time. Sometimes based on procs 3 rooms in a min. Loading is the time waster and the cut seen. I am not telling you how to play your game but complaining about things being too hard is the player fault. I haven’t paid gems for Pikel gear and I am about to get him to Level 19 this week.

This specific spell book has been available 5 or 6 times now. MoG has been rolling for over a year. Lightfinger has been out a year where you can roll a 20 on one boss. Quests provide extra reward in comparison to the past. If you are lazy you can buy an exp book to level faster. Rally’s and raids have been out for over six months.being in an active guild you can trade your excess gear to your mates for exp and they can provide gear for you to level. It sounds to me like I said many times before if you are still learning you will be slower and lose in PvP. If you understand how the game works gear wise and game wise you will be successful and not have any issues.This goes to @Orloch as well.

Great tips, @JImbolya18, ty. I have done the events, but with the free book from the Warrior Pass or just buying entries so, yes, I’ve missed some. This will be my first book purchase.

This Guild Raid is the first time I’ve been able to get decent xp. But, yes, grinding the lv19 boss in Sharpstone with 3 lv 12s and a lv 13 is really painful. They have only leveled by improving gear and until I experienced just how much xp they could get from the raid, I didn’t truly understand how players were able to get levels and still have the poor gear I see them use in Battle. There’s a “technique” of course which I don’t use. You would have a point to question my sanity on that one.

So, yeah, burn through the first boss, rinse and repeat, got it!

44% in the part of this last event that I kept score on. A bit below my average. My experience hasn’t changed. Incredible losing streaks and some nice winning streaks. There were definitely losses due to poor play on my part.

I’ve only been leveling gear that I plan to use and perhaps that goes a long way to account for the many higher levels I see and win against. My math shows a level increase is about 2.5% increase in stats, same as a levelIng up one piece of gear. That probably explains why some players that I met at my level were very strong, as strong as higher levels. Same strategy. Conserve gold until it makes a significant difference. Still, consistently running into character levels 2 to 3 above mine puts my characters at a 5 to 7.5% disadvantage before factoring gear.

For whatever reason, the game adjusts much faster and accurately in Battle than Event vs. Battle results. I should say that it seems to adjust in Events based on results while playing, or maybe that’s just rng. Hard to know.

@JImbolya18 Plan is going well. Have all my gems back and then some. Still over 300 runs to go. VIP helps skew the results a bit, but part of the 60 free passes was doing the 3 event levels including VIP. I’m not complaining.