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Did someone will get the unique scorpius at 30 after maintenance?

Hiho all.

I’m curious to know if someone will be able to have the unique scorpius rex at 30 tommorow after maintenance, because you need for him gorgosaurus DNA, monolophosaur gen2 DNA and carnotaur DNA. Those are not difficult to have atm, and I guess many have plenty of them!


Im sure @Idgt902 will, cant wait about his opinion about scorpious rex


He will have all 3 SRs at lvl 30 plus Tsingtamoth.

I aspire to do that by end July.

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depends on how many people maxed gorgo for rare tournaments, and if they kept darting it after probably not needing it for anything else. none of the DNA is hard to get, but it needs a massive amount of each.

i’ll be able to get it to 29 for sure. maybe 30 depending on how well hunting/donations go today.


My Gorgo is level 20 now. I have enough to do 81 fuses. At an average of 20 per fuse, including the 250 needed for creation, I could get Scorpius to 27. A lot of top players should be able to do this or better.

Saying they have the coins and DNA, seeing another new creature like the Compy’s should break the monotony.

I just plan to get 6 of the 7 new hybrids to 20 or 21 so I have some more new creatures to play, win or lose.


Nope. Maxed gorgo not long ago and donated the rest. Have about 600 dna :man_facepalming:


I got 10kish left after leveling. I wont max it, but I could probably get it to team level within a month

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Very likely for those with a lot of coins, hopefully I’ll create it in 1 or 2 weeks, but see if it’s worth leveling up.

I have 80k mono, 50k carno and 16k gorgo but I see them frequently. I think coins will be my only speed bump

I have all the dna I need, but my measly ~5000 coins might be quite the hurdle

Oh people will. Like a week or two after the last update I was facing someone, and they had a lvl 30 Unique compy. I call complete BS to this, whatever. Whatever makes them happy in life

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I have my Gorgo at level 20 already, with 28k DNA to work with. Mono G2 is around 80k, but Carnotarus is kinda around 10k. I think that will be holding me back. Even with the Raid DNA, I’ll still be behind.

Edit: lmao nevermind what I said about Carnotarus. Turns out, I have just under 40k DNA :rofl:


Well I did some calculations with the help of the field guide and to get all three gens shouldn’t be that hard, the easiest of course is gen 2, gen 1 is a bit harder since you have to share some carno dna between the two but it should be fine. Gen3 though its a lot. First you need to get gen 2 so it like 150 dna to unlock it won’t take much at all, however thats at lvl 11. You need to get it to lvl 20. Now assuming you get a 22 game fuse average this is what you need: to get it to lvl 20 you need 30,450 mono gen 2 dna and 7,650 carno dna. For every pop when fusing for gen 3 its 200 gen2 dna and 500 gorgo dna every pop. so from their you need 250 dna from fusing them to unlock gen3. All of that just to UNLOCK IT. To get it to lvl 30 you would need around 3,000 gen 3 dna to lvl it up all the way.

So to put it all together you would need:

  • 85,350 dna to unlock, get gorgosaurus up to lvl 20 and get the required dna for fuses.
  • 32,750 dna to get Scoripus rex gen 2 unlocked, to lvl 20 and to have the dna for the required amount of fuses.
  • 61,950 carnotaurus dna to lvl up to 10, and have enough dna for fusion.
  • 247,650 monolophosaurus gen 2 to get to lvl 10 and have enough dna for fusions.
  • the total coin for everything would be around 1,120,000 coin.

So its not impossible but the average player will probably not be able to get it to lvl 30.
(NOTE THIS IS IF IT’S 22 AVERAGE PER FUSE) - This could be a lot less or a lot more depending on fusion rates as well as darting, coin chases, special creature events, in-game purchases etc.

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