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Did spxs deserve to drop from tyrant?

I was honestly kinda mad about this but I want to hear your thoughts

  • Yes, it deserved to drop
  • No, should have stayed in tyrant

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yeah. with the amount of immune and cleanse there is, and with her low health, she isn’t really a tyrant dino. Doesn’t mean she isn’t good. Just that her abilities (for lack of a better word) are outclassed in the current metta.


I feel like my Erlikospyx is still a tyrant, but it’s also been pointed out that the tier list is primarily based on performance at the very pinnacle of arena battling. Suppose you’re in Lockdown and we have another St. Patrick’s Day. Suddenly everyone and their dog has a Trykosaurus. Just as suddenly, Tryostronix is one of your favorite toys because it actually chews on the competition. It serves you better than the Erlidominus that you took ten months to build. Out on the beaches of Normandy where the real Godzillas are, though, it’s not the same story. Sometimes I see tier lists and feel like things are slightly different for me because I’m against a different meta. Combat’s not the same as you progress.


Played well with knowledge, she takes out 50% of the tyrant tier.

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Tyrant or not, my Spikes still grants me wins against Thoradollotrollo, Tryko, Dioraja, Christmas Chicken (when outsmarting them) and Stegodeus.


If I had known it was gonna end up not a tyrant I would have saved my boosts for something else. I even waited a few weeks to decide on dinos that I thought would be a lock as tyrants. But it looks like I didn’t wait long enough. I think it needs a health and attack boost for it to keep pace with erlidom and magma.

Still a very useful dino, and you can still use it if you like it. The tier list does not prevent you from doing anything, it’s just an overall tiering system. The main reason is the influx of immunes, and that it does not beat other speedsters such as orion and erlidom. Plus it’s frail, so without debilitating distraction (due to cooldown or because fighting unique), it dies very quickly

she isn’t tryrant due to the large pool of immunities and cleansing abilities. however, just because she dropped out of tyrant does not mean she isn’t useful. Other notable dinos in her current tier are Dio, Utasino, thylo, indoraptor, and monosteg. Not tyrant, but still overall useful dinos.

Don’t use a dino just because it has tyrant status. Anyone with 4 tyrants in a fight can still be beaten by someone who pulls their counters (or outplays them). The tier list is just a ranking system of an individual dino’s overall strength. It doesn’t necessarily take in to consideration team play.

So if you like spyx and she works for you, by all means continue to use her.


I agree. And Thor should also be back to Tyrant, because “played well and with knowledge” he takes out 99.9% of the tyrant tier. :joy::joy::joy::joy:


ErlikoS is pretty much a mid Apex dino. Low health, damage isnt exactly high and lacking armor piercing/shattering moves.

If it has more boosts or higher level, it is very strong. Once it faces Ardentistmaxima or Gemini, even Thora, it struggles.

Still Tyrant. It’s Not Got To Worry About Swap In Rampage Anymore, It Has Such A Wide Variety Of Attacks… Still Tyrant.

It literally loses to Velociraptor, one of the starter creatures.

Those creatures don’t meet, Velociraptor has the lowest health in the game, and nobody uses it in Lockwood, which is where you might find an erlikospyx. They don’t meet.

Nobody use Velociraptor I don’t think he’s a problem for Spyx for example Tryko loose against Spino but it doesn’t mean Tryko is weak

For me Spyx still a tyrant is good he can bleed, distract, speed up and bypass dodge, the problem with Spyx is has low health and only one Rampage move but still very good

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Them not meeting in the arenas doesn’t change anything about Erlikospyx losing to one of the starter creatures. @PureRaptor583 @Jurassik_Fan

It’s not only that. Erlikospyx heavily relies on its negative effects, but they’re basically useless with all the immune and cleansing creatures that make up like 90% of the current arena.

Even if there is a lot of immunes Spyx still good not like Dilorach or Rinex, Even if lethal wound and debilitating strike are useless Spyx can speed up and hurt very hard with Precise Rampage, for me is enough to be a Tyrant

I don’t see why Spyx should be in the same tier with Dilorach and Tuoramoloch for me there is a big difference of power between Spyx and those guys

Actually, that’s not entirely true. I have faced a few boosted Velociraptors, on the way to and even in Aviary. Not for a while though, but I’ve only faced Spyx a handful of times, and I know for a fact that people use it.
Regardless, that doesn’t make the argument any less valid, as @_Leon said.


The only times i’ve experienced Spyx in Lockwood Library is when the opponent brings it out as their starter dino. I always laugh, as 90% of the time my Utarinex one-shots it.

Good times! :rofl: