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Did spxs deserve to drop from tyrant?

I’m hoping to get the “top Dinos of 1.11” out soon and will include that information. even though by the looks of the new teaser we might be preparing for 1.12 soon :sweat_smile:


Erlikospyx should have immunity from stun in addition to its immunity to deceleration.
Also, a swap-in move such as instant distraction( same as thylacotator) would make it a much better unique. The idea is to have a dino that is successful where its meant to be and still weak against the other dinos that are meant to take it out. I. E. Indoraptor used to be too vulnerable and now Ludia have risen his value to a much higher level.

I think A+ tier is where it belongs. Frail, bleed almost useless, precise rampage does not enough damage. Spyx cannot one shot but gets one shotted in return. However it is still useful; precise rampage + high speed tier knocks out evasion users.