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Did stackable battle incubators change?

Maybe I am crazy on this one.

I remember being able to stack battle incubators 3 deep. It would not matter how many times I battled after that, a 4th was not possible to get until one of the stacked incubators was collected.

The last two times though, it is only stacking 2 deep. Yesterday I had the previous 2 days battle incubators stacked and I did more than enough battles with takedowns to get the third, and it was certainly passed the 20 hour mark. But, when I went to collect immediately after finishing the takedowns for the day, I was only able to collect 2 and then still had the 10 takedowns left.

Did this change? Wasn’t it 3 deep? Now is it 2 deep?

Am I crazy?

You can have 2 from previous days, plus 1 from the current day.

It is not apparently working that way for me though.

I had 2 from the previous days, and until I collect one, the present day will not start. I do not remember that being the case. I remember being able to work on the 3rd while the other 2 were stacked. I could not work on a fourth though.

Again, I may be remembering this wrong because I do not always stack…only sometimes.

I noticed it last weekend as well. Had 2 stacked, and Monday I thought I was working on the 3rd, but when I got to open them, there were only two and I had to brave the arena again for ten more dinos.

To my knowledge in stacking them, it has always been two available to open and a third one ready to accept 10 takedowns to fill. I had never been able to start takedowns on the third ‘hidden’ one.

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I don’t remember it that way, but I guess it doesn’t matter. Its two stacked now (even if it wasn’t before) and until one is collected the 3rd cannot be worked on.

Maybe for some people it was allowing 3? Maybe its the mandela effect lol!

It is possible it was a timing thing. Say a user opened one to complete Rank 2 then continued battling to fill incubator slots. After 10 takedowns they would have two more ready to open. So, it could seem like 3 ready to open.

I have heard some users say they could open 3 or even 4 at once. I was never able to reproduce those in any attempts to.