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Did stat's boosts will be in shop sale again a day, or it's over?

I ask that because i need to know if i save my cash for that, i got not much and i’m facing ppl with all their dinosaurs boost like hell, i have no way to counter them… I hope ludia will do something, with this glitch that make the rich people able to buy a lot of them last week. Even one purchase by week will be at least cool for us, the poor Haha !

Hopefully but not everyday they still haven’t decided what to do yet.

The problem is the damage is done. Those people bought a ton when only a few noticed it. So even if they become available again they will just buy the max even if we do. So as a result it will be impossible to ever even catch up.


And that’s why Ludia needed to halt everything, remove all the boosts from every Dino and put the in game cash back into the players account and then start over at the beginning. There is no way possible the average player will ever be able to make up for lost ground. But something tells me Ludia doesn’t care about that and are just waiting everyone out until the next big shiny object gets our attention.


or game breaking problem.

I am pretty sure they can’t do this. I mean people paid for something, purchased it and use that product. It is not like the players got it for free (they all paid 500 cash for it). L messed up and put in up for sale even if by mistake.
If you buy a product online when they show a different price for the product even just for a few minutes by mistake they can’t say ohh it was a mistake and we will send you back the cash :smiley: I paid for something that was shown and that is that (I don’t care who messed up or how) - this could be a legal issue maybe even for L

I’ve just heard about this. So do we have any idea how many players this is?

Seems to me that if it goes into the hundreds the rest of should just hit the delete button and put it down as an enjoyable game while it lasted. As Jessie J said, it’s all about the money!

Technically there’s probably some wiggle room on that front, because the players paid for hard cash, not for the boosts. Changing things based on hard cash exchanges instead of real life currency is far less legally fraught. They could reuse the hard cash they were refunded on anything in the shop then, including the now-regulated boost packs.

I hope they remove boosts from the game

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Keep hoping, bud.

Thats the only reason theu could do a roll back noone bought boosts directly for cash… even the speed bypass menu made you buy hardcash first then the boosts. So the only thing Ludia would need to refund is the hard cash… now this game is available in different countries and laws differ in each so there could be one country thats a hang up.

What happened to Speed Boost purchases that were available at Tier 3? Did they go away? It doesn’t work for me.

They disabled those as well apparently these were also not intended despite being available for 4 days.

They should juat cap how many boosts each player can have of each kind. Then put them up for others to get but those who already have that max can’t get more till the max is raised later. Give other players a time to catch up.


Boosts are too powerful a thing and should have never been sold.